About Us



Monte 52’s goal is to provide the neighborhood with down home cooking for an affordable cost while using high quality ingredients.

The entire experience at Monte 52 is “off the beaten path.” Not only are we physically off the main path from downtown Highland Park’s Figueroa St., we are also not quite what you would expect from a tiny sandwich counter located inside a “ma and pa” grocery store on the corner of AVENUE 52 and MONTE VISTA ST.

When you walk inside La Tropicana Market, you kind of get the feeling that you are in a bodega and deli. I really hate when you walk by a liquor store and it says, “liquor and deli.” And then you go in there and the deli part means they sell Lunchables. When you come to Monte 52, the deli in the back is not only serving food to order, everything is made from scratch from the brining and smoking of the meats, to the fermentation of the sauerkraut, and the pickling of all the veggies.