Catering menu packages

To order for catering, please call us at (818)626-0822.

For any order over 10 people, please give us a courteous 24 hours advance notice.

Just Sandwiches

10 people 15 people 20 people
6 meat sandwiches 9 meat sandwiches 13 meat sandwiches
2 tuna sandwiches 3 tuna sandwiches 4 tuna sandwiches
2 vegetarian sandwiches 3 vegetarian sandwiches 3 vegetarian sandwiches
$80 $120 $160

*This package includes cut, wrapped and labeled sandwiches.
We also offer platters for an additional $10 each.
You may bring in your own platter for free!

Sides (a choice of)

$2 per person  $2 per person $3 per person
potato salad arugula greek salad
pasta salad caesar full arugula salad
coleslaw chips and salsa assorted pickles
Doritos hummus and pita

Desserts (a choice of)

$2 per person $3 per person $4 per person
chocolate chip cookies assorted fruit maple bread pudding
brownies Dakota’s cookies almond rocca


Bagged lunches ($11 each):

Includes your choice of sandwich (of the $8 or less sandwiches), choice of side (from the $2) option and a cookie or brownie.




For the more upscale parties, Monte 52 can provide staff. Please inquire by calling, (818)626-0822.

Crostini: each person gets one and a half pieces.

$3 $4 $5
Tuna crostini Falafal crostini lamb gyro crostini
zuccini and taleggio burrata and basil pecorino, honey + almond
sausage + smoked mozz basque jam and pilota prosciutto and bruscetta
catalan toast egg salad + crispy salame ham gruyere and quail egg
chicken pate ceviche

Bites: each person gets one and a half pieces

$3 $4 $5
asian wings stuffed mushrooms lobster roll
chips and salsa fried ravioli ham and cheese crepe
hummus and pita polenta and ragout mac and cheese bites
thai spicy peanuts empenadas spinokata

Buffet: charged per person

$10 $12 $15
carnitas taco bar 7 oz burgers with fancy cheeses and sauces Chicken with mushrooms or braised short ribs
Personal pizzas crepes Roast beef or Smoked Turkey with au jus
Risotto bar “the big salad” bar Seasonal Pasta stations

Monte 52 is open to personalized catering dishes and options. Please inquire by calling, (818)626-0822.

Casserole Catering Menu
$30 per 12×12 dishes
Mac and Cheese, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Breakfast Casserole,
Vegetarian Lasagna, Enchilada Casserole, Baked Ziti,
Meat Lasagna, Breakfast Casserole, Quiche,
Eggplant Parmesan, Spanish Tortilla, Tuna Casserole